What happens when it rains ...in the Desert?

Living in a desert....rain rarely makes its appearance and when it does, we Desert dwellers go a little crazy. It's like catnip!

It feels like a "Snow Day"!

Chances are we would love to just sit by the window and watch it all come down. Its very very relaxing! So work might be a little difficult today... #snowday

We sorta forget how to drive.

When the rain starts coming down, we are so confused and at times we forget how to drive so we drive really really slow. But please don't blame us because it been a long time since it last rained and we are just trying to get used to the combination of heavy machinery and wet roads. #howdoyoudriveinrain

Will this be the day it snows in the Desert???

We definitely ask this a lot! Because maybe one day it will happen.... #wishfulthinking

Hoping it will last longer than 30 mins....

As the rain ends you feel sad as you know that it could be days, months, years, or decades before you ever see it again. But who knows, maybe next time you will remember where you put those winter clothes. #Rainraindontgoaway

Flash Flood Warnings...

Yikes... okay these happen. Usually about an hour after a torrential down poor you might get an alert on your phone about flooding. Some parts of the valley really aren't equipped for the amount of rain water coming down from our steep mountains this leads to flooding. A couple years ago we had so much flooding that an entire road disappeared in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta. Those warnings are no joke! #flashfloods


Once the clouds clear...those mountains are gorgeous!!! This is our favorite part!!! If we get enough rain, snow will cover our beautiful mountains in the most amazing way! #snowmountains

Oh shoot is that a leak?

So this is the part that stinks...we have desert homes that survive sun and wind but we rarely know if they are leak proof until a real rainstorm hits us then.... we usually have a puddle. It is so important for home owners to look, check and double check their homes right after a bit of rain. So that if you do have a leak it can be repaired ASAP! #leakproof


What is it like for you when it rains in the desert?

Is there anything we are missing...

Let us know in the comments!

Mike Z. Haque

DRE #01745484



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